Mswf Ge Smartwater Refrigerator Water Filter

August 4, 2018 - Comment

brand new comes in original box with everything

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brand new comes in original box with everything


C Geck says:

Better performance than off brand. Tried an off brand of filter, but the water seemed to shoot out the water dispenser. Made me wonder if the water wasn’t being as well filtered as with the GE brand. Did not test the water, so I have no facts, but I’m enjoying the water using this GE filter and it makes great tea.

Erica says:

NOT compatible with standard mswf filter Please make sure to note when ordering this is the mswf SMART water filter… this is NOT a standard mswf filter. They are not the same and the smart filter is not compatible…i didn’t realize it until already running water through. Hopefully this review saves you from wasting the money and time like i did.

JB says:

After these delation led some water go out from the filter I love it I saved a lot of money

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