Panasonic NC-EH30PC Water Boiler 3.2-Quart with Temperature Selector

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Panasonic Electric Thermal Hot Pot Push-button dispensing spout, flip-top lid, and convenient carrying handle. View larger. Keeps water hot at different temperatures–great for a variety of uses. Whether hosting a business meeting, catering an event, or simply upping the convenience quota of everyday life, Panasonic’s electric thermal hot pot makes it easy to quickly and

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Panasonic Electric Thermal Hot Pot

Electric thermal hot pot with flip-top lid Push-button dispensing spout, flip-top lid, and convenient carrying handle. View larger. Keeps water hot at different temperatures–great for a variety of uses.

Whether hosting a business meeting, catering an event, or simply upping the convenience quota of everyday life, Panasonic’s electric thermal hot pot makes it easy to quickly and safely boil and dispense hot water–perfect for anything from tea, instant coffee, and hot cocoa to instant soup, noodles, baby food, and more. The exceptionally versatile unit can be used throughout the day for various applications and at different temperature settings. The pot’s fold-down carrying handle makes it effortless to transport from the sink for filling to the buffet table or counter when entertaining guests or working in the kitchen.

4-setting temperature selector View larger.

Choose between heating water to a rolling boil (212 degrees F) or keeping it hot at one of the following Keep Warm temperature settings: 208, 190, 180, or 140 degrees F. The unit can also be set to start boiling up to six hours later thanks to its energy-saving timer.

The thoughtfully designed hot pot gracefully dispenses hot water from its built-in spout with a gentle press of the button. Once the mug, bowl, or other vessel has been properly filled, simply release the button to stop the flow of water. For safety, the hot pot provides a locking lid to prevent spills if it tips over, a locking dispenser that prevents unintended dispensing, automatic shut-off if water levels get too low, a cool-touch body, and a breakaway magnetic power cord.

Easy-to-read water-level gauge.

Other highlights include a non-stick coated interior, an easy-to-read water-level gauge, an LED control panel with handy indicator lights, a low-water-level warning, and protection against overheating for peace of mind, as well as de-chlorination mode, which boils water for a longer amount of time to help reduce the taste and amount of chlorine for better tasting beverages (great for tap water high in chlorination).

Awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, Panasonic’s electric hot pots carry a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, plus an additional one-year limited warranty (two years total) from Good Housekeeping–it’s more than just a Seal of endorsement.

Choose from three useful sizes–2.3 quarts (NC-EH22PC), 3.2 quarts (NC-EH30PC), and 4.2 quarts (NC-EH40PC).

Kitchen Tip: Thermal Pots save energy because they use trapped heat to brew.

Safety Features:

No spilling with locking lid Dispenser Lock button guards against unintended dispensing Breakaway magnetic power cord releases under pressure Automatic shut-off if water levels get too low

Electric Thermal Pots NC-EH22PC
NC-EH40PC Size/Design Capacity 2.3 quarts 3.2 quarts 4.2 quarts Color White with silver trim Interior Binchotan nonstick coated Performance Operation Automatically boils water or keeps water warm at preset temperature Temperature Settings 208/190/180/140 degrees F Cooking Options Noodles, Tea/Coffee, Japanese Tea, and Baby Food De-Chlorination Mode Yes (extended boiling time to reduce chlorine) Timer Settings 6-hour energy-saving timer Indicator Light(s) Yes Display Panel Gray LED control panel Steam Vent Yes Convenience Easy-to-Read Water Gauge Yes Fold-Down Carrying Handle Yes Removable Lid Yes Push-Button Lid Yes Push-Button Dispenser Yes Operating Instructions English / Chinese / French Safety Overheating Protection Yes Dispenser Lock Yes Locking Lid Yes Cool-Touch Body Yes Low-Water Shut-Off Yes Break-Away Magnetic Power Cord Yes Good Housekeeping Seal Yes Power Supply 120 AC 60 Hz Boil Setting 212 degrees F: 700 watts Keep-Warm Setting 208 degrees F: 40-49 watts; 190 degrees F: 33-43 watts; 180 degrees F: 27-35 watts; 140 degrees F: 18-23 watts Measurements & Warranty W x D x H (inches) 8-9/16 by 11-5/16 by 9-3/8 8-9/16 by 11-5/16 by 10-13/16 8-9/16 by 11-5/16 by 12-7/8 Warranty 1-year limited from manufacturer, plus additional 1-year limited from Good Housekeeping (2 years total)

Product Features

  • Electric Thermal Pot
  • Boil & Keep Warm Features
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Water Gauge On This Product
  • Energy Saver Product
  • 3.2 Quart Electric Thermo Hot Pot that dispenses hot water at a moments notice and saves energy, Ideal for noodles, tea, soup, coffee, Japanese Tea and baby food
  • “Binchotan” non-stick coated interior that is easy to clean, 4 Keep Warm Temperatures (140 to 208 degrees), Water Level Indicator, Low Water Level Warning and Steam Vent, De-Chlorination Mode to reduce chlorine
  • Multi-Lingual (English, Chinese, French) Operating Instructions Manual
  • Quick Disconnect Magnetic Power Cord in the event of spillage, Secure Dispenser Lock, 360 Degree Rotating Base, Cool Touch Body, Removable Lid
  • Measures: 8 9/16″ (W) x 11 5/16″ (D) x 10 13/16″ (H), 4.4 lbs, White w/silver trim


Dancin says:

Great thermo pot My relatives have an equivalent Zojirushi model. The only difference is this one only has a 6 hour delay whereas the Zojirushi has a longer delay setting. It actually seems like the Panasonic insulates and holds the heat in better than the Zojirushi as it doesn’t seem to reheat as often. I’m sure it would save a few pennies in power costs if I could delay it a little longer while I’m away at work all day but it isn’t worth almost double the price to get that. That’s the only reason for the 4…

Amazon Customer says:

Great all-day alternative for the electric kettles For Valentine’s Day, my fiancee wanted something to get her up and running with tea early in the morning. After looking at a number of other electric kettles and pots, the Panasonic/Zojirushi style pots caught my eye and seemed like an interesting alternative to the teapot styles offered elsewhere.¬†

L.C says:

The pot rusts I bought this to make my baby’s formula. I have had this product for about 5 months. I boil the water and place the water into a glass water pitcher and let cool to room temp. I then use the room temperature water to mix the formula. I noticed a couple of days ago that I have brown particles floating in the bottle. I open the machine and the whole bottom part of the pot and the filter is rusted at first I thought it was calcium deposits since I know these pots get that problem but and it’s not…

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