Osaka, Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 6 Cup (30oz/900ml) Cold-Brew Dripper – Innovative Adjustable Dripper with Glass Carafe And Stainless Steel Filter – Achieve Great Tasting, Smooth, Cold Brewed Coffee

July 18, 2017 - Comment

Get the perfect brew with Osaka. Brewing coffee is an art form, and it can be pretty challenging. We at Osaka would like to help you up your coffee game. If you follow our instructions and tips, and with some practice, you should be brewing the perfect cup of coffee in no time. Impress yourself

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Get the perfect brew with Osaka.
Brewing coffee is an art form, and it can be pretty challenging. We at Osaka would like to help you up your coffee game. If you follow our instructions and tips, and with some practice, you should be brewing the perfect cup of coffee in no time. Impress yourself and your guests with an awesome tasting coffee every time.

Mount Fuji is our Cold Brew Coffeemaker.

The top chamber is made of high durable plastic designed to keep your brew as cold as possible. The carafe is made from quality glass so you can store your brew in the fridge for later consumption.
The stainless steel filter is reusable, and will not rob you of essential oils like a paper filter does, and results in a richer better tasting coffee. No need for disposable paper filters, this filter will result in a clear fresh coffee.
The adjustable dripper gives you full control over the quality of your coffee. Please note is normal to have to adjust the dripper about halfway through the brewing process, as the water level lowers it starts dripping slower.
The carafe holds up to 6 (5 oz)cups of coffee.
“Osaka”what does it mean?
Osaka, is a large city on the Japanese island of Honshu, and is known for its modern architecture, boisterous nightlife and delicious coffee shops. We were inspired by their coffee brewing techniques, and from that “Osaka Coffee” was born. Every one of our products will look good enough to display, and will perform better than anything else. If you are not yet in love with the process of coffee-making, be prepared to be infatuated.

Product Features

  • ENJOY YOUR VERY OWN COLD BREWED COFFEE AT HOME – Easily brew a delicious, smooth cold brewed coffee, with this slow drip extract process, that guarantees much lower acidity than regular coffee. Be a part of the cold brew coffee culture, all in the comfort of your home with the convenience of full control over the taste. Cold-Brew has almost 60% less acidity than hot brewed coffee. With our unique extraction process, you too can create that deliciously smooth taste in a matter of hours.
  • INNOVATIVE UNIQUE EXTRACTION PROCESS – Reinvents an age old method of slow drip to create the perfect delicious cold brew coffee. Optimized for ultimate control and full flavor. Adjustable dripper lets you control the drip speed thus controlling the strength of the coffee and the speed of the brew. Unlike immersion brewers that require 12-24 hours, this provides a full 6 cups of cold brew coffee in 4-5 hours. Can be used to brew tea as well using the same process.
  • HAND BLOWN BOROSILICATE GLASS CARAFE – The glass carafe is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass which is resistant to thermal shock and does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residue. Ensuring you with a fresh tasting coffee every single time you brew. The stainless steel filter will leave you with a clear ground-free cup of cold-brewed coffee. The PP top chamber will keep your ice water cold for longer. All parts are made with top-quality materials that will last a long time.
  • SMOOTHER COFFEE, MORE FLAVORFUL COFFEE, AND LESS ACID- Don’t confuse this with iced coffee. Cold Brew uses cold water to slowly extract the coffee flavors from the beans. Since it does not utilize hot water the coffee does not get the burned acidic taste that other brewing methods create. Large capacity allows you to brew 4 whole (5oz.) cups of cold-brewed coffee. Don’t wait around hours for your cold brew, get it all done in under 5 hours.
  • JOIN THE EVER GROWING COFFEE CULTURE AND LEARN FROM THE PROS – Everyone can create a delicious coffee like a professional barista, with our detailed instructions and tips. Enjoy it with peace of mind and rest assured that our renowned customer service team has your back. For any defects in the materials or craftsmanship of any Osaka product, please contact our customer service team and we will be glad to assist you.


thompsje says:

The cheapest way to make good drip cold brew at home. This really can’t be beat for the money. There is no cheaper way that I know for making drip cold brew coffee.¬†

willow says:

Great product!! Delicious coffee! I got this for my mother for her birthday since her coffee maker broke the week before, and also since cold brewing would be a little less intense in her stomach/intestines. She loves it! (but my step dad likes it even more.) Brewing in this definitely gives the coffee a much smoother taste, which I love. I’m actually going to buy one for myself. Just be sure to use whole coffee beans and grind them yourself into a coarse ground, or get coarse ground coffee made for cold brewing.

Daniel Hansen says:

so far so good, still have no clue what I am doing, but I am enjoying it so far. the top is plastic, I am not sure how far to twist the twisty part, and the instructions are pretty unclear on how to really do anything with it. That said, I guess, I put ice in the top with water. I put a few spoonful’s of coffee where I see it in the picture (this is where the instructions got confusing on the actual amount to add, it seems to contradict itself, and in one part tells you 5 ounces per cup, which is well no, and I think they mean to make a 5 ounce cup of coffee (I settled on…

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