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If a cup of hot coffee to refresh yourself is your morning routine in busy days, or if you are a coffee lover, who would like to drink a lot of coffee wherever you go, or if you are looking for a single serve coffee maker to fit for your small kitchen, office or protable

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If a cup of hot coffee to refresh yourself is your morning routine in busy days, or if you are a coffee lover, who would like to drink a lot of coffee wherever you go, or if you are looking for a single serve coffee maker to fit for your small kitchen, office or protable for travel, this personal coffee maker is an ideal choice for you. You will be impressed by its quick brewing system, convenient and easy operation with ONLY one button and compact and super lightweight design.

2 IN 1 K-cup & Grounds Coffee maker – allows to use all American Standard K-cup pods and your own coffee grounds to brew coffee, just customize your favorite coffee at any time.
Coffee hot up to 169°F- Hot enough to still have hot coffee with cream added.
Save your time with quick brewing technology – 90 seconds to brew a 6oz cup, 3 mins to brew a 14oz cup (maximum capacity).
Reusable filter basket WITH LID- Helps to get a great tasting cup of coffee with no grounds permeating through.
Easy to pour water into reservoir – Wide opening of reservoir is conducive to easy-pour without spilling, allows to add up to 14oz water.
Fits for up to 5” tall coffee mug – If your mug is short, you can use the coaster ( included in the package) to advoid coffee splashing, and remove the coaster to adjust your tall mug.
Safe with auto shut-off and overheat protection system – One touch button and light is on when brewing, then coffee machine will auto shut-off after brewing. Overheat protection ensures safety and prolong life-span of coffee brewer.
Lightweight and compact design – 1.89lb, 10.65”H x 4.8” W x 6”D, takes up minimal space and easy to store and carry for travel.

Voltage : 120V~60Hz ( ONLY can be used in American Standard voltage, transformer is needed if you use it in other countries.)
Power: 1000W
Capacity: 14 Ounce

Product Features

  • SUPER EASY ONE BUTTON OPPERATION & FAST BREWING TECHNOLOGY- One button to start brewing either coffee grounds or K cups simplifies your morning routine to give you a cup of flavorful hot coffee. This machine features an extremely quick brewing time, the coffee comes out hot up to 169°F in just 90 seconds, this will save you time to savor a hot smooth fresh brew be for you start the day.
  • LIMITED COUNTER-TOP SPACE- Limited space in your kitchen? No problem. Our single serve coffee maker takes up minimal room and it is super lightweight (1.89lb), which allows you to carry it for travel or fit into the tightest nooks and crannies to give you what you want when you want it.
  • WORKS FOR BOTH GROUNDS AND K CUPS- This petite coffee maker is versatile, whether you opt to use grounds or convenient K-cup capsules, it will make great coffee every-time. The reusable basket for coffee grounds has a lid to hold grounds in place and prevent them from flowing into the coffee.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & AUTO SHUTDOWN- Simply add water into the reservoir and press the button to let the machine clean itself, the basket can be easily rinsed with running water. This personal coffee maker has an auto-shutdown and overheating protection features, which make it safe, convenient and long-lasting.
  • WARM TIPS- Be sure to add water into water tank before press the button to start to brew coffee. This coffee maker only can be used under US standard voltage, a voltage transformer is needed when you use it in other countries.


Anonymous says:

Fast. Easy to fill, operate and clean. Length:: 2:24 Mins This single serve coffee maker is fast. Simple to use. You can use K cups or your own ground coffee using the reusable basket. It is only 10-11 inches tall so it easily stores away and it is very light. The operation is simple: insert the k cup or basket, add water from your mug into the easy to pour into reservoir, close the lid, put the mug into place and press start. This coffee maker heats up fast. Be careful because the coffee will be hot and…

Anonymous says:

Worth every penny This single serve coffee maker is absolutely amazing! It takes the standard K cups but it also comes with a reusable strainer cup for ground coffee. Very simple to use, just put the cup in and press the power button. It’s that simple and it’s brewed within a minute. I was very surprised at how quickly the cup filled up. Clean up was quite simple. Overall I’m extremely happy with my purchase and will be recommending this one to others.

Anonymous says:

Amazing coffee maker This is a very high quality coffee maker and is so easy to use. The instructions included made my experience so much better and it showed me how to truly use all the benefits. This heats up the water so fast and you have a nice cup of coffee in a couple of minutes. This is small and easy to store in your kitchen without taking too much space. This makes my life so much easier and allows me to enjoy a delicious coffee in a timely manner. Overall I highly recommend this well made coffee maker!

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